A number of coastal villages near Basamuk in Rai Coast were treated to a special gesture of kindness during the festival.

They had free medical checks, courtesy of a clinical team from Ramu NiCo. The Ramu NiCo team from the Basamuk Refinery travelled out to Ganglau to conduct free medical checks for the villagers including men, women and children who came from as far as Tugyag, Buf, Kulilau, Balau and Umbal.

The villagers were grateful for the free medical checks because many admitted that they wanted to celebrate the New Year in good health and free from illnesses.

Ganglau village elder and a local landowner, Mou Bilang said they were quite surprised since it was during the festival season that Ramu NiCo had decided to go out to conduct free medical outreach to the local people. “We were quite surprised but grateful and thankful to the company for coming out at such a time like this to conduct medical checks for the good health of our people,” Mr. Bilang said.

He said some of the mothers were already thinking of bringing their children to the clinic at Ganglau but after getting the notice that a Ramu NiCo team was visiting they were so grateful and decided to turn up for the free medical checks. Mr. Bilang thanked the medical team for the free medical check.

The free medical checks conducted by the Basamuk Refinery medical team is outside the project’s Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), however, the company has spent more than K13,000 for the free medical check, which is a gesture of kindness, compassion and dedication of the company to the project impacted communities.

Staff registering relevant information

Medical check being conducted for children