In January, Ramu NiCo hit record high production of 3,102 tons of nickel metal, achieving 112.35% nameplate capacity, which is 5.1% year on year increase marking a good start for production and operation for 2020.

Since February, in order to further curtail the impact of the Coronavirus, the company has taken comprehensive measures in key areas of maintenance, procurement, international transport, sales, production, personnel arrangement, and has prepared detailed plans to prevent any protentional spread of the virus in its bid to protect the safety of its national and Chinese employees as well as to ensure safe and stable operation of the project.

The Company has put a temporary stop to its Chinese employees travelling from China from their break as a control measure to stop the spread of Coronavirus into the country.

In addition, the Company is communicating very closely with the Chinese Embassy in Port Moresby and an official media statement was delivered depicting the official stand of the Chinese Government towards assisting PNG.

At operational level, the Company took immediate measures to work closely with the Madang Provincial Government and the provincial health authority, all government agencies including Immigration and Citizenship Authority, National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority, Immigration and Health Departments to address the challenge.

Operation of the Project is not affected by the temporary stop to the staff travel to and from China, the operation capacity and production output remains high. The Company will continue to maintain high standard of safety work practice by working closely with the Health, Safety and Environment regulators and ensure all legal compliance measures are met and the Company remains committed to delivering continuous benefits to its employees and stakeholders.