An urgent letter from the Chairman of KBK LOA, seeking help to repair Banu to Danagari section of road for the transportation of the body of Late clan leader Abraham Tatagu to his home village for funeral, attracted much attention from the Company.

Mr. Abraham Tatagu is highly respected and loved by local people in KBK area. He used to strongly support the development of the project and contributed a lot to the welfare of local people.

This letter aroused the attention of the company’s executives immediately and a work deployment meeting was summoned with no loss of time. It was decided that a cash contribution of K6,000 to Abraham Tatagu’s families in memory of him, and a special work team composed of personnel from CA, Mining Operation and Dispatch Office be established, and all necessary personnel, materials and equipment be organized in the shortest time.

The road from Banu to Danagari is about 10 kilometers long and passes through three rivers. Due to lack of maintenance, weeds and all sizes of potholes can be seen all over the road which make it totally impassable. Under the circumstance of shortage of equipment, KBK Mine resolutely allocated two excavators, two Beiben trucks and one Volvo ADT to repair the road. In the early stage of the work, the team also encountered continuous heavy rainfall and the road was flooded with water from Ramu River which can immerse the hood of a light vehicle. All these have posed great challenges to the team’s work.

Yet the team overcame all the difficulties and completed the work within just 12 days with local people’s active support and help. This is a road of friendship between Chinese and Papua New Guineans and has extended to both their hearts. May this road of friendship lead to prosperous future of KBK.

Employees repairing the road under support of locals

Road maintenance in progress