Environment protection is an integral part of the sustainable development of Ramu Project. RNML emphasizes and supports environment protection throughout the project construction and operation phases. In the construction period, RNML focused on environment supervising, monitoring, awareness and consultation.

During 2006 to 2008, the company inputted over $2 billion in land and ocean investigations in project area including special investigations on fresh-water fishes in the Ramu River and deep sea fishes near Basamuk. It has established two meteorological stations and six hydrographic stations to collect meteorological and hydrological data for project environmental monitoring.

To enhance communication with stakeholders, RNML explains the environmental issues of commonly concern to villagers by special animations and handbooks in pidgin featuring environment publicity. Meanwhile, it regularly reports to PNG environment bureau on its progress made in environment protection and monitoring.
By these efforts, RNML keenly hope that the concerted efforts and cooperation from all stakeholders can ensure a friendly environment for a sustainable Ramu project.