Working with Us

At Ramu NiCo we respect and value knowledge, expertise and talents. We encourage the employees continuously tapping and realizing the potential. We are committed to “professionalize, internationalize and localize” our team of employees.

With the development of the Ramu Project, we are attracting into our team more and more talents of various nationalities and cultural backgrounds. At Ramu NiCo, employees are supposed not only to have a good command of professional knowledge and job skills, but also to be open-minded, inclusive and to respect different cultures. Among all staff and employees, we promote a work relationship of “work together, respect each other, build friendship and progress together”.

We are proud that during the construction stage we were able to offer substantial job opportunities to PNG citizens in particular for those in the Project area. In operation, more focus will be given to the training and localization programs, so as to provide sustainable skill transfer to local people.