Policy and Commitments

HSE guidelines, targets and commitment

HSE guideline: Safety takes top priority; prevention of incidents is non negotiable.

HSE targets: To prevent damage or injury to personnel, equipment and property, and to reduce the potential impact of incidents on the environment

HSE commitment:

Meeting all PNG legal requirements, and to ensure the implementation of legal compliance and responsibility;

Adhering to the AS/NZS4801 system, to play an exemplary role in the promotion of HSE management system, and to reduce work related accidents and incidents;

Establish and continuously improve the company HSE Management System, and actively implement the reduction and management of hazards and risks;

Encourage all employees to focus on their own personal health and safety;

Encourage all employees to report accidents/incidents and hidden dangers timeously;

Update and revise HSE standards, procedures and policies regularly, and adapt to the changing health, safety and environmental factors.


 Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Limited (RNML) values the Occupational Health and Safety of all employees, contractors, the general public and its stakeholders as a priority and this forms an integral part of management of its operations.

OUR GOAL – To prevent work related incidents and injuries to employees and equipment/property and to have a minimal impact on the environment at the RNML project sites.

We aim to achieve a high standard of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management according to the following objectives:

To comply with all relevant PNG legislation and regulations to ensure our responsibilities under law are observed;

Play a leading role in promoting HSE Management Systems in line with AS/NZS4801, and to minimize work related injuries and/or fatalities;

To establish, implement and maintain proactive HSE programs for managing risks;

To encourage all employees to take all reasonable care of their health and safety;

To encourage all employees to report any incident or hazard/risk to appropriate personnel;

To regularly review the current HSE Policy for changes to reflect necessary changes that will affect health, safety and the environment within our operations.

We encourage all employees to share these objectives, and to take pride in the results that follow.


This HSE Policy has been approved by:

The President 

Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd.