Sustainable Development policy

Ramu NiCo aims at growing into a major international company focusing on the development, operation and management of nonferrous mining projects. We recognize that sustainability and business success are mutually reinforcing, and that to become a world-class mining company is inseparable from our commitment to protect the environment, care for our employees and benefit the communities impacted by the mine. 

Currently, achieving smooth operation is the single most important task of our overall sustainability program. A strong and viable business growth will in turn greatly enhance our ability in further contributing to the sustainable development of the community, the employees and all stakeholders.

Our Sustainable Development Policy Guidance outlines the company's specific commitments. We see it as both a reflection of our current sustainability performance and roadmap and vision for our future progress.


Our Commitments

Company Growth

Meeting our business targets alongside our sustainability goals is critical to ensure our continued growth.

°  Meet our Project development schedule
° Ensure that policies, employees and procedures are in place for a smooth transition from     Project construction to operation
° Extending the Project life through continuous exploration
°  When proper invest in new projects in the area and to expand the asset base

The Environment

We are committed to environmental sustainability at the Project site.

° Implement relevant laws and regulations and strive to meet leading global standards
° Reduce and minimize the impact of our activities on the environment
° Optimize our use of materials, energy and natural resources
° Reduce air, water, and soil pollution
° Minimize waste, particularly the creation of harmful waste
° Prevent and reduce environmental accidents

Health & Safety

We strive for a safe work environment for our staff, contractors and the community

° Create accountability, training, and systems to ensure appropriate Health & Safety (H&S) management at all levels of the Company
° Cultivate and maintain a corporate culture that is aware of, and values, H&S
° Identify and address potential H&S risks
° Implement a safe work system and occupational health procedures
° Conduct effective communications with contractors, suppliers and business partners to   ensure our H&S standards are understood and upheld
° Timely report, manage and learn from hazards, injuries and diseases
° Be prepared to respond quickly to any emergencies

Local community and people

We are committed to extensive engagement with the community. By understanding their needs, we will ensure that we meet our responsibility to contribute to the sustainable growth of local communities.

° Recognize and respect diversified cultures, interests and rights of local communities
° Build active, transparent community partnerships that adhere to local cultural traditions and create mutual benefit
° As possible, collaborate with government, community groups, NGOs and other partners to develop community assistance programs
° Develop a corporate framework for funding specific programs that align with community needs
° Train and employ local staff in every phase of Project development to provide them with life-    long skills
° Foster local business by identifying, developing and supporting local supply chain partners during every phase of Project development
° Implement our Social and Economic Development Plan, supporting key projects on infrastructure, culture, education, sports and health


We are committed to building a culture of mutual respect and trust with our employees, creating a working environment that puts people first.

° Prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace, ensuring that employees from all cultures and nationalities are respected
° Set up constructive communication platforms for addressing staff concerns
° Promote equal employment and promotion opportunities for all staff
° Provide a fair, reasonable and competitive remuneration system
° Commit to staff training and development
° Ensure that employees from all cultures and nationalities are respected

We are committed to regularly report on our sustainability performance

° Regularly disclose our sustainability plans and performance
° Use Sustainability Reporting as a means to engage and respond to the needs of our stakeholders
° Consistently collect and manage sustainability performance data from across our Company