Key Dates & Events

Ramu laterite ore was discovered by the Australian Bureau of Mineral Resources. Extensive exploration, sampling and testing follows.

Late 1990s
Highlands Pacific Ltd. commenced Feasibility Study and permitting applications.

Ramu Nickel Project was sanctioned by PNG Government with the signing of Ramu Project Mining Development Contract (“MDC”) and the issuing of Special Mining Lease 8.

MCC commenced technical and economic due diligence on the Ramu Nickel Project.

February, the Framework Agreement for the joint development of the Ramu Nickel Project was signed between MCC, the PNG parties and the PNG State.


March, Project Master Agreement was signed between MCC and the PNG parties. October, Ramu Nickel Joint Venture Agreement was signed, Ramu NiCo becoming the Project Manager.

April, Project Financing Agreements were concluded. August, Amending MDC was signed with the PNG State. November, Project Foundation Ceremony was held. 

February 2004, Project Framework Agreement signed at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing 

April 2006, Project debt funding secured with the signing of Master Facility Agreements, in Nandi, Fiji

November 3, 2006, Project Foundation Ceremony at Basamuk, Madang, PNG

September 2008, the fourth round of the Project MoA Review in Madang

July, Amended Project Development Proposal was approved by the Mineral Resources Authority; MCC_JJJ Mining Development Company was formed.
December, Project Environmental Permit for construction and operation stages was granted from the Department of Environment Conversation.
The Project moves into full-scale construction.


The Project construction substantially completes and commissioning starts.

2012 till now
The Project production is ramping up as scheduled.