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Legal Statement

The website is created by Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd (Ramu NiCo). Any individual by entering into, browsing or using this website shall be deemed to have read , understood and agreed to be subject to this Statement, and complied with all relevant laws or regulations.

Without prior notice, Ramu NiCo may at its direction to change, revise, and renew this Statement from time to time.


The copyrights of any contents in this website (including but not limited to data, word, diagram, image, audio and video) is vested in Ramu NiCo or with the relevant right holders.

The “Ramu NiCo” business name and trademark are registered by Ramu NiCo in China or other countries. No organization or individual will be allowed to use part or full of the business names and trademark without written authorization.

The domain name, www.ramunico.com, is owned by Ramu NiCo. No organization or individual will be allowed to use the contents without written authorization by Ramu NiCo.

Without prior written agreement obtained from Ramu NiCo, no one is allowed to copy, replicate, disseminate, publish, reprint, revise or otherwise display the contents of this website. Any moves to use the contents of this website without authorization may be against the copyright laws of both Papua New Guinea and the People's Republic of China and other laws as well as related international covenants.


The information on this website is provided for general reference. Although reasonable efforts will be made in editing and presenting the information, Ramu NiCo and its branches, subsidiaries, Directors, employees, agencies and any other representatives (“ Related Parties”) make no guarantees as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information in this website, for example, no warranties are made about the accuracy and completeness of the information such as anticipated performance, cost, profit,income, productivity or efficiency, price, and resources and reserves.

Ramu NiCo makes no warranties as to the reliability of the web server, nor guarantee that you may enter, browse or use the website whenever you wish. Ramu NiCo bears no responsibilities for damages or losses occurred to the computer system, software, hardware, IT system or properties of the users when entering, browsing, and using the website. Ramu NiCo undertakes no responsibility to inform the users of any change or update of this website.

In any circumstances, Ramu NiCo and Related Parties accepts no responsibilities for any direct, indirect losses or penalty, or any other forms of losses including but not limited to business discontinuity, data loss or profit losses incurred by entering or using the website, or as a result of the failure to do so.


Ramu NiCo recognizes that privacy is important to the users, and will not collect their data without prior consent. Ramu NiCo will not provide to any third party its users’ email account, residential address and other information collected for the purpose of providing service, except:

1. being authorized by the users;

2. required by relevant laws or regulations;

3.required by court rulings or arbitrator's decision, and other requirement of the judicial procedures;

4. required by relevant governmental bodies;

5. when the user's terms are breached by the users or the users engage in activities which are detrimental to the interests of Ramu NiCo.


Links to other sites are provided for convenience only, and they are totally beyond Ramu NiCo's control. Ramu NiCo accepts no responsibility for the information contained in the linked sites, nor endorse these website and their products and services. The users shall view any such website at their own risks. 

Applicable laws and jurisdiction

This website and the Statement should be subject to the laws of the People's Republic of China .