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Overhaul of HPAL T3 Completed

The overhaul maintenance of HPAL is the most important task for BSK Refinery for completing annual production target reached. A successful overhaul on HPAL Train 3 has been completed to further improve and stabilize production.

The Maintenance Team tried their best to complete all the maintenance about HPAL T3 in the first week of August, which includes cleaning the inside of the autoclave and discharge pipe, polishing inner surface of the preheater, maintenance of lining bricks inside the autoclave and flash vessel, replacement of mechanical seal and decelerators, maintenance of the Wirth pump, and reassemble the preheater and flash seal manhole, maintenance of the Lewa pump and acid pump, cleaning Warman pump seal liquid storage container, repair of feed pump and acid transfer pump in autoclave, cleaning of the thickener, etc.

The maintenance shutdown enables stable and prolonged production output for next year. This is now consistent for HPAL autoclaves, enabling proactive forecasting of production rates and effective planning of major equipment turnarounds. The maintenance and repair of each auxiliary system is carried out according to planned schedules. HPAL Area applies operational principles of compliance in safety, operation at high efficiency including the undertaking of stable and proper maintenance at the refinery.

The maintenance team have improved the skills and cooperation during the overhaul maintenance, it’s an effective practice of the training undertaken. The successful overhaul maintenance on HPAL Train 3 will make a great contribution to further increase of production and improvement of MHP quality in the second half of the year.

Cleaning of Autoclave

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