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Introduction Of Ramu Nico

Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Limited (“Ramu NiCo”) is a company based in Papua New Guinea. Sponsored by China Metallurgical Group Corporation, a Fortune 500 enterprise conglomerate, Ramu NiCo is assigned by the Ramu Nickel Joint Venture parties for the development and management of Ramu Nickel Project in Madang, Papua New Guinea.  As the biggest on-going development project in PNG, the Ramu Nickel Project also represents China’s largest greenfield mining investment abroad.

The Ramu Nickel Project boasts a total reserve of 140 million tons of nickel including over 78 million tons that are proven and mineable. The Project employs integrated processes including mining, concentration and refining. The main processes and facilities consist of open mining, slurry pipeline transportation, high-pressure acid-leaching refining, and deep sea tailing placement. The US$1.4 billion Project will produce intermediate nickel and cobalt products weighing metallic equivalent to 31,000 tonnes of nickel and 3,200 tonnes of cobalt per annum. The Project is expected to be in operation for 40 years.

The Project is an exemplary demonstration of an extensive cooperation amongst Chinese and international miners. The Chinese consortium consists of leading brands including China Metallurgical Group Corporation (“MCC”), Jinchuan Group Ltd. (“JNMC”), Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. (“JIEN”) and Jiuquan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.(“JISCO”). In Papua New Guinea, the Company allies itself closely with local partners including Mineral Resources Ramu Limited and Mineral Resources Madang Limited, respectively representing equity interests of the PNG state and local landowners, and Highlands Pacific Ltd, the ASE-listed previous Project developer. During the development and construction, the Project uses extensively the best proven practices of the mining sector, creating a unique power of synergy and coordination to address the ongoing needs for multiple-faceted operations.

The Project development showcases the strong commitments of the Company in building sustainability and mutuality for both the Project and the local community. The Project has been bringing about positive changes to the local community, and is expected to impact profoundly the PNG national and local social and economic development in the long run and generate last-lasting benefits to all the stakeholders. In addition, Ramu Nickel Project will give a strong impetus to the development of related industries in both China and Papua New Guinea, and bring valuable skill transfers to PNG. When completed, it will greatly complement and enhance the PNG mining portfolio as another essential mining Project for PNG following OK TEDI, Pogera and Lihir.


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