Ramu NiCo has promised to ensure the benefits derived from the Project is delivered to the landowners and other stakeholders this year and beyond. During the Company’s Christmas party gathering held last year, Dec 21, VP Wang Baowen assured the impacted landowners and stakeholders that Ramu NiCo is determined to ensure all stakeholders benefit from their Project.

“We have delivered many business contracts to the landowner companies since Project inception. We have made it our business to pay royalties to stakeholders. This is our advantages and progress,”

“In the new year, we have many tasks ahead of us including the Project MOA Review. The Company understands the expectations from the landowners and stakeholders under the MOA,”

VP Wang said Ramu NiCo in 2019 has faced a lot of challenges including media bash and attacks by individuals with ulterior motives but took the opportunity and challenges with the impacted landowners and their chairmen to support the Project for common benefits as Ramu NiCo is a fully fledged PNG Project.

“We as a Chinese investor, we are humble and hardworking, wishing to find a common ground for all of us to benefit from,”

“If all landowners and stakeholders can support us then this Project will grow stronger and deliver the benefits for all of us,” Mr. Wang Baowen said.

“The Company will create more benefit for landowners and stakeholders. So we need support from landowners, all stakeholders and the provincial and national government,” Mr. Wang Baowen said.

Landowner chairmen from KBK, Eddie Utu, his vice John Tigavu, Inland Pipeline landowner chairman, Jacob Winis, Coastal Pipeline chairman Steven Saud and Basamuk chairman Sama Melambo promised the company to work together and will brush aside opposition from selfish individuals and organizations.

Landowners and Company staff in celebration

VP Wang talking with KBK LOA Chairman